Boiler Division

As the largest automated Stud Welding company in the nation, New Age has consistantly installed over 10-15 million studs per year since 2005 and some of our current customers include
TVA, AEP, PSNH & Ameren.New Age Fastening Systems Cyclone Video

New Age Fastening Systems, Inc. specializes in servicing outages in the Power, Refinery, Pulp & Paper, CFB (Coal Fire Boiler) & Waste Management Industries.

Our boiler services entail supplying our Studwelding technical package to providing a turn-key installation service; thus, lessening customer responsibility. The amount of possible Studwelding applications encountered during an outage far extends that of only pin studs.

By converting time consuming hand welded fasteners to Studwelded fasteners, we are able to double or triple production rates. Our selection of rental equipment consists of the largest fleet of Automatic systems in North America along with every form of single shot system.

Our experience in the field allows us to handle the most extensive Studwelding projects, while our 4 nationwide stocking facilities, which house over 115 automatic feed systems, enable us to provide a quick response in an emergency situation.

We pride ourselves in the condition of our equipment and design upgrades installed, to ensure limited downtime.

Innovative Process Equipment and well trained experienced Technicians assure maximum Productivity either in the field or in shop fabrication. Our standard application rates can easily Double the old standards previously set by our competitors.

The Quality of a Studweldment can best be judged by its performance in Service. Our studs, as applied, have outperformed competitors processes in some cases 2 to 1. Quality application extends performance and limits time spent on future repairs.

Knowledge is Power. New advances in Technology can offer significant advantages in Severe applications. Extending life cycles of boilers and process equipment in service has made New Age the World Wide leader in Alloy Stud development and Equipment enhancements.

We recognize the push for Limited Downtime attributed to scheduled and unscheduled Shutdowns. Our High Production, Quality and Technological Advances will continue to prove that by selecting New Age, you will be making a very wise, Economic decision.

New Age Fastening Systems Superior Equipment Trained Technicians and Operators
Industry Leader in Stud Welding
– Stable and highly trained work force
– Industry leader for more than 10 years
– Innovative Equipment
– New Technology Innovators
– Turn Key solution providers
Largest Automated Fleet in the World
– Over 100 automated studwelding units available
– Equipment is positioned across USA to insure availability
Highest Production Rates in the Industry
Special Designed Equipment
– Reduced costs associated with equipment failure
– Less down time than competition
– Ongoing Training Program with continuous Testing to standards.
– Quality Assurance is maximized.
– Committed team with extensive history working in the Industry.
– Highest production yields in the Industry!
– Signatory to International – Brotherhood of Boilermakers


New Technology Review for Cyclone Boilers