Covanta Montgomery

New Age Fastening Systems, Inc. has done extensive work in the Waste to Energy industry with Covanta and have developed products and strategies to improve the efficiency of the furnace and longevity of the watertwall tubes. One of our most notable achievements working with Covanta over the years is the development of a highly successful refractory anchoring system for various areas inside the furnace. Stud design, pattern density, and choice of material are all utilized based on specific criteria to solve the problems of heat transfer, sulphidation, and refractory deterioration.


The refractory on this header had been prone to rapid deterioration due in part to an ineffective anchoring system. The previously hand welded ā€œVā€ anchors were removed and replaced with a stud welded, stainless steel, headed anchor.






This pictures shows the type of system we incorporate on the headed anchor providing superior support for the refractory.







Several Covanta plants have already benefited from this stud welded, stainless steel, headed anchor system; achieving up to 24 months of protection with no required maintenance. We are the only stud welding company that continually strives to improve our application techniques and elevate our commitment to service and quality. An excellent working relationship with Covanta and the willingness to continue to find new methods for improving furnace life and efficiency set us apart from other applicators.