Construction Division

Jobsite Stud Welding is a division of New Age Fastening Systems, Inc. We offer highly experienced union personnel and one of the largest fleets of field equipment on the East Coast enabling us to be your most responsive applicator and Studwelding source.

Our stud size capabilities of up to 1″ diameter, and our fleet of diesel and battery powered units provides the mobile power required for your Studwelding applications. Typical construction projects requiring our services include; bridges, buildings, steel platforms, levys, pilings, water towers, crane runs, subways, tunnels, etc…

Our most recent invention, the “Rapid Ferrule”, has revolutionized how the construction industry places a ferrule on steel beams and corrugated decking by allowing the operator a bendfree, ergonomically correct way to dispense the ferrule accurately.


The building pictured below had 3/4″ shear connectors welded through corrugated decking and 1/2″ deformed bars welded to pour angles. Structures erected with steel typically require our Studwelding service. The studs welded serve as a concrete anchor while also adding shear strength to the steel.