Industrial Wear Division

The New Age Industrial Wear Division is centered around the TuffStudds® product which is a carbide laden studweldable fastener which can be used in various applications promoting a “dead bed” effect. That is, that it promotes material on material wear versus material on part. The TuffStudds® product was especially designed for landfill, heavy mining or construction operations. The application rates are up to four sq ft per hour with deposit rates over 20 pounds per hour. Pounds applied are up to 3x faster than standard hard facing wire. The method of application is the stud welding method which ensures the fast application rates over traditional hand welded alternatives.


An innovative approach for applying wear studs on areas exposed to high abrasion.

State of the art hardfacing technology

Tuffstudds® are carbide-laden, wear resistant alloy studs

>RC hardness is between 50-60

Tightly applied patterns create a “dead bed” effect which further enhances wear resistance.
Applied via Arc Weld onto alloy castings or plate

Especially designed for landfill, heavy mining or construction operations.



  • No pre-heat needed, quickly apply via stud welder in field or shop
  • Smokeless operation
  • Horizontal, vertical and overhead position capability
  • Minimal distortion due to heat build-up
  • Repair capability on previously studded surfaces


  • Application rates of up to four sq ft per hour *
  • Deposit rates over 20 pounds per hour. *
  • Pounds applied are up to 3x faster than standard hard facing wire

Long Life:

  • Up to three times longer life
  • Less downtime
  • Lowers maintenance & replaceable costs


  • Installed cost less than weld overlay
  • Less Downtime and equipment cost
  • Less Labor Expense on repair and idle time
  • Less overall cost for replacement parts

The Tuffstudds Wear Protection System SAVES money and INCREASES your bottom line!!!

* rates are dependent on coverage surface area and stud size


Packer Tips

  • Effective method of protecting packer tips and blades.
  • Tips retain packing edge longer, allowing more effective packing action.
  • Wear on blades is minimized increasing life of part

Dozer Blades

  • Proven method of protecting dozer blades
  • Applied to blades and push arms
  • Multiple applications on original wear plate.
  • Pattern becomes embedded with mineral debris creating dead-bed effect

Dragline Buckets

  • Protect worn bucket components.
  • Wing shrouds and drag hitch areas all benefit from Tuffstudds protection.

Shovel Buckets

  • Excellent wear protection for all types of shovel buckets.
  • High-wear areas such as lips, cutting edges and tooth adaptors attain maximum life when protected with Tuffstudds.

Landfill Applications

Compactor Wheels

Compactor Wheels

Cage Mills Breaker Plates

Grapple Clam Tips/Arms
Tuffstudds are available in 3 different sizes
– 5/8″, 3/4″ and 7/8″ diameters.
Tuffstudds are graded in 2 different grading to maximize performance( I ) for low impact, high abrasive conditions
( A ) for higher impact conditions.
Application speeds of up to 200 studs per hour.Best results occur by tightly packing Tuffstudds in patterns that minimize “wash-out” between stud rows.

Authorized Distributor for Tuffstudds®

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