Thermal Spray Division

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The Thermal Spray division of New Age was born out of the need for protective coatings in various industries. In an era that views the need for limited downtime as critical path, the thermal spray process presented those industries with an economical solution to various forms of wear over traditional welding processes. With no dilution of the base metal and limited heat input, thermal spray has been most effective on-site protecting parts such as cyclone doors, coal conveyors and soot blowers.

New Age maintains a fleet of Twin Wire Arc systems which is the most economical process to use. It is portable and most adaptable to field applications, which is the main thrust of our service. HVOF (high velocity oxy-fuel) was introduced in the 1980’s to deal with the concerns of inter-connected porosity, however at a very high price. The operating costs of twin wire arc spray are significantly less than HVOF, considering the labor and gases to produce a coating. In addition, Twin Wire Arc spray is capable of producing a coating that is many times thicker than one with the HVOF process while maintaining good structural properties. We have also identified the use of Medium Velocity Flame Spray equipment to also deposit our alloys when they are in their powder form. This option allows for added portability with a less expensive means to apply than HVOF as well.

To date our Thermal Spray division has been most successful applying our exclusive material WearX® which is an iron based material that can be seen on the attached presentation. In addition to WearX® we have also developed our SAFE Coat® system which is a Slip and Fall Eliminator system deposited via both our Twin Wire Arc and Medium Velocity Flame systems. Our newest offering, PolyX®, is a thermal sprayed polyolifin resin which is applied in place of high end epoxy paint systems.

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